Friday, August 9, 2019

Subtle changes in Lino Così

I continued to enter our accounting data and stumbled into the next problem: An electricity invoice of 94,88 € introduced by a worker. The invoice was paid by the worker, but 35% of the total amount is paid back by the employer. And the VAT on these 35% are deductible.

  • Manually enter 94.88 in VatProductInvoice.total_incl. Lino fills one invoice item.

  • Change the amount of the invoice item (total_incl) from 94.88 to 33.22 (94.88 * 0.35). Lino automatically sets total_base to 27.68 € (33.22 / 1.20) and total_vat to 5.54 (33.22 - 27.68).

  • Add a second line and manually set InvoiceItem.account to 600020 (Costs paid for workers to be paid back).

    Lino automatically fills the remaining amount (94.88 - 33.22 = 61.66) into the InvoiceItem.total_incl field and computes the other amounts of that line.

First issue (#3159): When I enter 33.22 to total_incl, Lino automatically computes a VAT amount of 5,54 €. But TIM had booked (and we have declared) a VAT amount of 5.53 €. I vaguely remember some Belgian law stating that you must round down the amount of deductible VAT. Not sure whether TIM was right or not, but anyway Lino must support this use case where we enter data from legacy system and want to manually edit the VAT amount.

Second issue : How to instruct Lino that account 600020 is normally used without VAT? Added a new field lino_xl.lib.ledger.Account.vat_class.

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