Wednesday, August 14, 2019

On Monday we had a day of rest in Monastir. Kadur was our local guide for visiting the Ribat, the Marina harbour, the Egdemsi peninsula (Jazīrat Sīdī al Ghudāmisī), the Medina. Of course we also spent some hours on two beaches (La Falaise and Plage du 3 août on Monday).

On Tuesday we said goodbye to Kadur and moved from Monastir to Douz. 5 hours in the car. Thanks to the air conditioned. A short stop in El Jem where Ly was our guide through the Amphitheater.

We arrived in Douz shortly after sunset. Hamza had rented an apartment for us. After an hour of rest we had dinner with Hamza in a high-level restaurant in the tourist zone.