Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Replace nginx by apache

I started to think that actually we have much less work if I simply continue to use apache on the weleup server. Let’s try:

$ sudo apt purge nginx
$ sudo apt install apache2

$ cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/
$ sudo scp -p user@oldsrv:/etc/apache2/sites-available/002-lino prod.conf

En passant I renamed site “a” to “weleup1”.

I also started to think that we shouldn’t use git clones on our production servers any more. So I must make a PyPI release of lino-weleup and lino-welfare.

But here I got interrupted because my Thunderbird stopped to work.

Bad sector on my hard disk

A mail folder content file (not the index file) was corrupted because of a bad sector. Thunderbird froze each time it tried to rebuild the index file.

Actually each time you try to read the corrupted file, you get an I/O error (after some timeout). I was able to open the file using:

luc@tups:~$ less .thunderbird/luc/Mail/Local\ Folders/Archives.sbd/2019

and the first page of the content gets was displayed. But when I hit Ctrl+PgDn to go to the end of the file, less reports a “read error”. Thunderbird seems less prepared to such read errors, it just froze. Closing the window was possible, but when you try to open it again, it says that Thunderbird is still “running but does not respond”.

My last backup of my system was several days old and 100 km away.

As a funny coincidence my new notebook arrived this morning. A Tuxedo InfinityBook 14.

I started copying my data from the old to the new notebook. A terabyte going through our WLAN. That takes some time, but the main challenge was to get it working at all. I had to run fsck in order to repair the corrupted file. The following took about 2 or 3 hours:

luc@doll:~$ sudo e2fsck -cfpv /dev/sdb1
Dell1TB: Updating bad block inode.
Dell1TB: Duplicate or bad block in use!
Dell1TB: Multiply-claimed block(s) in inode 15335622: 165626319--165626320 165626545--165626546 165626999--165627000 165627225--165627226
Dell1TB: Multiply-claimed block(s) in inode 26084644: 161949204--161949205 161949449--161949450 161949968--161949970 161950213--161950215 161950459--161950460 161950705--161950707 161951196--161951198 161951441--161951443 161951687--161951689 161951933--161951934 161952453--161952454 161952699--161952700 161952944--161952945
Dell1TB: Multiply-claimed block(s) in inode 30150574: 232783726--232783727
Dell1TB: Multiply-claimed block(s) in inode 39191671: 233765678--233765679 233765915--233765916
Dell1TB: (There are 4 inodes containing multiply-claimed blocks.)
Dell1TB: File /luc/.thunderbird/luc/Mail/Local Folders/Archives.sbd/2019 (inode #15335622, mod time Tue Sep 17 08:13:02 2019)
  has 8 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 1 file(s):
Dell1TB:      <The bad blocks inode> (inode #1, mod time Tue Sep 17 13:39:35 2019)
      (i.e., without -a or -p options)

I ran it again without -p and after 2 hours it started to ask me questions now and then. I answered each of them by hitting ENTER.

Note that fsck requires the volume to be unmounted. So my whole data was inaccessible for half a day…