Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Moving from doll to tups

In summary I can say that my yesterday’s adventure seemed threatening in the beginning, but after all I haven’t lost any data at all, and I am glad to be on my new laptop now. So actually it was blessing in disguise. TODO: Optimize my emergency plan.

I used getlino for setting up my new machine and I opened #3204 (Optimizations in getlino).

I had a message favicon file 'favicon.ico' does not exist during inv bd in book. I fixed it by removing the following line from

#html_favicon = 'favicon.ico'

But it’s strange that I am the first one. inv bd works on Travis CI.

Setting up new server for weleup

Back to work on #3095 (continued after Monday, September 16, 2019).

Released Welfare 19.9.0 and weleup 19.9.0.

Manually did lots of little trivial steps:

$ sudo a2enmod authnz_ldap
$ sudo a2enmod dav_fs
$ sudo a2enmod dav
$ sudo apt install libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3

I stopped here:

[Wed Sep 18 15:37:21.750588 2019] [wsgi:error] [pid 3357:tid 140319710512896]
Exception: Version mismatch: this is the 'cffi'
package version 1.12.3, located in
When we import the top-level '_cffi_backend' extension module, we get version
1.12.2, located in
The two versions should be equal; check your installation.

Lino Amici

I did some daily work (or should I say manual tests on the field) for Lino Amici (#1843). A pull on the production site in order to get the new calendar view.

Fixed a bug in lino_xl.lib.phones which caused checkdata to fail when a same partner had multiple contact detail entries marked as primary (MultipleObjectsReturned). Now it creates a message “Multiple primary items for <type>”.

I also moved “odfpy” from lino_xl’s install_requires to lino_xl.lib.appypod.Plugin.get_requirements().

Miscellaneous issues after moving from doll to tups

“Could not lex literal_block as “guess”. Highlighting skipped” in inv bd in my blog.