Sunday, October 13, 2019

In /etc/nginx/sites-available/lino-framework-org.conf I changed:




The Developer Guide is now again visible at (this was needed as some links point there).

The same file also confirms what Hamza and I decided to do:

root /var/www/public_html/book_docs;

That is the static files are no longer under my user account but under /var/www.

So I must update my ./ file I must change docs_rsync_dest from:

docs_rsync_dest = '{prj}_{docs}'


docs_rsync_dest = '{prj}_{docs}'

so that I can update the book by running inv bd pd.

I added nginx config for (by copying luc-lino-framework-org.conf to community-lino-framework-org.conf and creating the link to sites-enabled).

Mailing lists on the new server

I tried to get the mailing lists running on the new server. Hamza copied the mailman configs correctly, but it doesn’t yet work because Postfix is not yet installed. And Postfix uses Dovecot (POP and IMAP), and indeed we want this as well on the new server.

I did sudo apt install postfix and then copied the /etc/postfix directory from the old server. Similar procedure for Dovecot (sudo apt install dovecot-common). Note that I didn’t do a simple recursive scp of the whole directories but rather manually selected which files to copy.

I saw that both Postfix and Dovecot require certbot certificates.

I installed certbot <> (sudo apt-get install certbot python-certbot-nginx).

Only then I remembered that certbot was already installed for kopano and the Seems that the new install didn’t hurt.

Can I simply copy the certbot config files from the old server? What will certbot say if we ask it to certify the known hostnames with a new IP address? Tonis suggested to try a plain copy.