Saturday, October 19, 2019

Congratulations to Tonis who fixed #3277 in a better way (using a FK field) than I had suggested (using a new table). I did some merely cosmetic changes when reviewing the code.

The test suites in book and welfare still had failures caused by Tonis’ and my recent changes. I adapted them and thought that one day we will do it as the Django project where a change doesn’t even get committed if it causes some test to fail. Meanwhile we are a family-sized team: I am glad that Tonis worked on this on a Saturday, and I do the dirty administrative work because I want to release it and then update the avanti production server before Monday.

The in avanti1 failed because the new lino_xl.lib.beid.Plugin.simulate_eidreader_path caused the wrong data to get loaded. That was my mistake.

Some doctests in book failed because of a dangling SPACE in JS code generated by lino.core.renderer.

One failure caused me to start a small refactoring of how applications can configure where pictures are to be stored. They can now simply override some methods in their BeIdCardHolder model. The current default implementation has the disadvantage that they are all stored in a single directory. In weleup there are thousands of these image files.

I tidied up the code in lino.core.callbacks. A CallbackManager instance is no longer used.

The failure in welfare docs/specs/welcht/misc.rst is still failing. It is yet another side effect of the new callback handling. I guess that lino.core.requests.BaseRequest.set_confirm_answer() no longer works. Or maybe because this action (EditTemplate) has two confirmations. This won’t stop me from doing the release since this action is not used by anybody ATM.

Released Lino 19.10.3, XL 19.10.3 and Avanti 19.10.2 to PyPI.

Released Lino 19.10.4 (bugfix for 19.10.3)