Saturday, November 2, 2019

Travis and readthedocs

I finally wrote a letter to Natalia and did a few optimizations in Developer Guide and Lino Community Guide.

I fixed a doctest failure in dashboard : customizable dashboard caused by the new __repr__() method of dashboard item. Also optimized that method.

I am trying to get Developer Guide to build on readthedocs automatically after each commit. But it tells me things I don’t really understand:

  • Version locked, retrying in 5 minutes.

  • Webhook activation failed. Make sure you have the necessary permissions.

According to their Webhooks it should work automatically, but it doesn’t…


I did a series of manual tests on the new server for weleup to prepare their next release. Mostly for #3026. Also reviewed the release notes (19.11.0 (coming)).

After the data migration there is only one checkdata message. I had to manually invoke checkdata:

$ python checkdata
Started checkdata (using lino_local.xxxxxx.settings) --> PID 19155
Found 606 and fixed 0 data problems in Partners.
Found 1 and fixed 0 data problems in Income confirmations.
Found 5667 and fixed 0 data problems in Clients.
Found 196 and fixed 0 data problems in Calendar entries.
Found 64 and fixed 0 data problems in Places.
Found 225 and fixed 0 data problems in Excerpts.
Found 44 and fixed 0 data problems in Events/Notes.
Done 35 checks, found 6803 and fixed 0 problems.
Done checkdata (PID 19155)

Afterwards they had many messages, but only one from lino.modlib.system.BleachChecker. I analyzed that case (a lino_xl.lib.notes.Note) and verified that the difference was trivial. I added some test cases in Bleaching.

Conclusion: it is safe for them to activate bleaching when migrating their data to the new server.

The fact that I had to run it manually means that their linod wasn’t running.

I noted that there isn’t yet any daily cron job configured on their new server.

I also manually added a script. TODO: have getlino do this.

I ran sudo apt upgrade and verified that monit has not been added to the Debian 10. I still some hope that it might come back “automatically” because I read that three weeks ago it has been accepted into unstable.

First PyPI release of lino_react

I had some minor issues before getting it published. For example HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Invalid value for classifiers. Error: 'License :: OSI Approved :: BSD LIcense' is not a valid choice for this field

for url:

And then the first version 19.11.0 doesn’t yet include the static and other non-python files. I added a file and discovered the graft command