Tuesday, December 3, 2019ΒΆ

I had a look at the Lino book using my mobile phone, imagining somebody who does not yet know Lino and tries to evaluate the project. The first stumblestone was that the default sphinx theme (used by all sites) is not really mobile-friendly. I asked Google and found sphinx_rtd_style. Atelier now installs this as theme on all our sites.

I started to review the Community Guide. Quite some changes (result of recent discussions with customers) are currently only in a German pdf file, I started only today to translate these changes into the community website. I believe that service providers make many promises, but what actually matters are the contracts. The idea of the Community Guide is to have a public (and freely reusable) document that serves as a legal base for concluding contracts. I invested much time into this because (a) I am naive and want to understand the whole world, and (b) because I believe that the Collaboration directives can help small service providers to start business. But the work is not finished. I need to write more text in the community guide in order to answer questions about security.