Thursday, February 27, 2020

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_book.projects.lydia.settings.doctests')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *

We simulate an incoming request:

>>> ar = rt.login("robin", renderer=settings.SITE.kernel.default_renderer)

We create a sub-request, i.e. another action request object which represents “the action of clicking the Insert button”. Note that this object just describes the action, it doesn’t actually execute it.

>>> sar =
>>> sar.known_values = dict(

Now we ask Lino to generate the HTML for a button that would execute our action:

>>> e = sar.ar2button()

We get an ElementTree object (see The lxml.etree Tutorial for documentation about these):

>>> e  
<Element a at ...>

We can use the etgen.html.tostring() function to see how it would be rendered as HTML.

>>> from etgen.html import tostring
>>> tostring(e)  
'<a style="vertical-align:-30%;" title="Open a ... &quot;record_id&quot;: null })"><img src="/static/images/mjames/add.png" alt="add"/></a>'

This is a long and complicated chunk of HTML! Let’s cut it into smaller pieces. Basically it is just an <a> element around an insert icon without text.

>>> e.tag
>>> e.text
>>> [c.tag for c in e]
>>> tostring(e[0])
'<img src="/static/images/mjames/add.png" alt="add"/>'

The complicated part is the href:

>>> print(e.get('href')),{
  "base_params": { "start_date": "23.05.2015" },
  "data_record": { "data": {
    "amount": null,
    "disabled_fields": {
      "amount": true, "assign_to_me": true, "build_time": true, "calendar": true, "created": true, "duration": true, "modified": true, "reset_event": true, "take": true
    "end_time": null, "event_type": null, "event_typeHidden": null, "project": null,
    "projectHidden": null, "start_date": "23.05.2015", "start_time": "...",
    "summary": "", "user": "Robin Rood", "userHidden": 1
  "phantom": true, "title": "New Calendar entry" },
  "param_values": {
    "event_type": null, "event_typeHidden": null, "presence_guest": null,
    "presence_guestHidden": null, "project": null, "projectHidden": null,
    "room": null, "roomHidden": null, "user": null, "userHidden": null
  }, "record_id": null