Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lino Noi May 2020 sprint

I started working on #3301 (Implement service reports as invoices).

The basic implementation was surprisingly easy, which demonstrates once more how flexible lino_xl.lib.invoicing is. Changes:

There are detail devils to fix before we can actually use this new feature for sending service reports:

  • The invoiced date range must be on the invoice

  • Each invoice item must show at least the ticket numbers

  • The invoice should also include a description of the tickets and sites that are being invoiced.

While I was there (anyway we will need to migrate the PriceRule model), let’s also rename PriceRule.fee to lino_xl.lib.products.PriceRule.product. And then, of course get_rule_fee() to something else… let’s say get_ruled_price(). This merely linguistic change took me another couple of hours of work because I also reviewed documentation about these topics.