Thursday, May 21, 2020

I worked on #3652. Steve made me discover a design bug in lino_xl.lib.vat: the item_vat option (whether we want to include VAT in the price of the items of an invoice) does not depend on the VAT regime. My solution at the moment is to have it configurable as a plugin attribute, i.e. globally per site. This works for now. Though it is maybe also not the final solution because we might get a customer who wants certain invoices with item_vat set to True and others with item_vat set to False. Maybe it should become a database field on Journal. But it’s too early for a decision. Let’s leave this question open until we have such a customer.

This caused some work for adapting the test cases because most invoices now have a bigger amount.

The apc demo project

How to edit the invoice template

Steve wants to be able to configure himself his invoice template. #3656.

First step : make a local copy of the relevant templates:

$ go mysite
$ cp -a env/lib/python3.6/site-packages/lino_xl/lib/sales/config .

Lino doesn’t find the local config dir

I discovered that Lino doesn’t find the local config directory for switcom. #3657

In weleup this bug doesn’t come out because the config subdir of the project directory is actually a symbolic link:

$ ls -ld config
lrwxrwxrwx 1 lsaffre  www-data     19 Sep 28  2018 config -> media/webdav/config

In that case the os.path.isdir() returns False, which I obviously ignored when I wrote We definitively should resolve symbolic links before asking whether it is a directory. This second bug made that the first didn’t come out.

One thing is clear : the local config directory should come first.