Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Worked on developer guide and getlino

Ismail continues to get started and sends many error reports.

I reviewed the installation instructions for both developers and contributors (Installing a Lino developer environment and Setting up a Lino contributor environment). I also started to review Instructions for translators.

While doing so, I found several bugs in getlino that explain many of the problems Ismail had.

For example the bug that caused the following problem:

  File "/.../lino_local/first/settings.py", line 16
    use_linod =
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Another bug was that getlino startsite didn’t set DEBUG to True on localhost (which then caused error messages like “You may need to add ‘’ to ALLOWED_HOSTS”, missing SECRET_KEY etc.

These bugs will be fixed in the next getlino version. I didn’t yet release getlino to PyPI because my work on the test suite isn’t finished.

Inserting templates in TinyMCE doesn’t work

Steve reported #3731, a problem after the weleup1 release: Inserting templates in TinyMCE doesn’t work anymore. Apache answers to GET http://hostname/static/tinymce-3.5.11/plugins/template/template.htm with 404. And indeed, that file doesn’t exist on their site. The reason is that *.htm was missing in the MANIFEST.in of Lino. I fixed it manually by copying all *.htm from the repository to their static directory.