Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to test getlino using Docker

I read these articles:

It seems to me that for testing getlino installation instructions we don’t need multiple containers that work together using Docker compose, we rather need multiple Dockerfiles that depend on each other.

We have four Linux base systems we want to support: debian:buster, debian:bullseye, ubuntu:18.04 and ubuntu:20.04. For each of these we want to test our four installation contexts: dev, contrib, prod and demo.

So we have at least 16 tests to run. Each test run will install lots of system packages and Python packages. We don’t want to download these from the internet each time, we want to cache them.

Each test will also install a user with sudo rights. The following is always the same for most test runs:

# Install sudo package and create a user lino
RUN apt-get install -yqq sudo
RUN adduser --disabled-password --gecos '' lino
RUN adduser lino sudo
RUN adduser lino www-data
RUN echo '%sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL' >> /etc/sudoers

Do we need 16 rather constant base images that we want to build only once (i.e. not again and again after each change in getlino).

We want to add the getlino sources to each image for each test run.

Should each set of installation instructions be stored in a separate shell script? That would be easier to maintain. OTOH the current solution permits to verify the result of every single command line.

Each installation results in a running web server. How to test whether that server actually works?

Maybe we should generate 16 different Dockerfiles from a single template?

In order to fix Ismail’s problems I should do a getlino release with the recent bug fixes,

About the num2words package

Ismail had many error reports that ended like this:

Loading data from /home/ismail/projects/venv/src/lino-noi/lino_noi/lib/cal/fixtures/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/ismail/projects/venv/src/lino-xl/lino_xl/lib/cal/", line 605, in weekdays_text
    return s.format(ord_count=num2words(self.every, to='ordinal', lang=translation.get_language()), day=day_text)
NameError: Problem installing fixture '/home/ismail/projects/venv/src/lino-noi/lino_noi/lib/cal/fixtures/': name 'num2words' is not defined

I updated Setting up a Lino contributor environment. The pip install -r requirements-include.txt was missing in the instructions. It’s actually a bit stupid that the contributor needs to run this manually. Getlino should do this.

You might wonder why this num2words package causes so much trouble. It is just one example for a general problem.

num2words is required only by (the calendar plugin). Many demo projects use this plugin, but not all projects. We don’t want to simply add num2words to the dependencies of lino_xl because there might be a Lino application that uses lino_xl without the calendar plugin. For such an application it would be a pity to install num2words on every production site.

We might ask “Why don’t we put into a Python package on its own?”. Yes, that would be the right approach. Theoretically. But lino.modlib contains currently 37 plugins, and lino_xl.lib contains 74. We don’t wnat to create more than 100 new Python packages! Especially because only some of them have such special requirements. And then it has historic reasons. When starting the cal plugin we didn’t yet know that one day we want it to use the num2words package.

And then Lino has the install command to fix that problem. The requirements-stable.txt file in the book repository is basically the combined result of running “manage,py install” in every demo project.