Tuesday, October 13, 2020ΒΆ

Uff, I finished #3817.

It seems that en passant this also fixed #1985. The use case is as follows. In Lino Welfare we have cascaded clearing. Cascaded clearing is used when we have more than one steps to be cleared. In welfare every purchase invoice goes through the following payment steps:

4100 Suppliers
4450 Disbursing orders to execute
4300 Pending payment orders

I can manually create a REG, then suggest an AAW. The supplier is correctly cleared. But when I then let Lino suggest a ZKBC (based on the AAW), Lino books the counter booking again to 4100 (suppliers) instead of 4450 (disbursing orders to execute), so that 4100 has now three movements and is again uncleared.

This was because FinancialVoucher.due2itemdict() was doing this:

def due2itemdict(self, due, **kwargs):
    kwargs.update(match=due.match, account=due.account)
    if due.trade_type:  # 20201014
        ma = due.trade_type.get_main_account()
        if ma:

That is, it always puts the main account of the trade type (when a trade type is known). The trade_type of a DueMovement is the first suggestable trade type found, i.e. the one of the first invoice.