Thursday, October 15, 2020

Debit and credit

Tickets #1985 is not yet fully done. Debtors and Creditors in welfare now have 0 and 15 rows instead of 5 and 10 rows. Maybe we need to adapt these two lists: maybe when using cascaded clearing we must say more precisely what a “debitor” and “creditor” means. We must somehow be able to say that we want only certain type of credit.

An AAW does the following: - credits 4450 (Disbursement orders to execute) - debits 832/330/01 (Allgemeine Beihilfen)

Or maybe the problem is simply that both movements are booked to the partner. The debit movement into the costs account (832/330/01) should not have partner set because the cost account does not require clearing.

None of the monthly AAW movements is cleared by a ZKBC. Maybe because the booking dates are wrong? I fiddled for more than an hour but could not find a definitive explanation. To be continued when a customer shows interest.

Mentori test suite and docs

I noticed that inv test and inv bd were failing in Lino Mentori.

And a great news: the docs for Lino Mentori are now online:

Note that the content of these docs is not yet very impressive. The great thing is that for the first time in history, Lino has a doctree hosted directly using GitLab pages.