Tuesday, December 8, 2020

I moved the demo project teamReact from the react repo to the book. But teamReact was not a good name because

  • nobody (except the core team) can guess that “team” actually means “noi”.

  • camelCaps names are not PEP 8 compliant.

  • also partly because it was always so much to type in a command line (okay that’s not a good reason because we should fix that part of the problem by adding auto-completion to the go command.

So I renamed team to noi1e and teamReact to noi1r.

Note that noi1r uses the same database as noi1e but has its own test suite. So it is listed in tests/test_demo.py but not in demo_projects.

I removed lino.modlib.chat from noi1r’s get_installed_apps(). Which causes this plugin to no longer being tested at all. Yes, lino.modlib.chat is in standby now, we have abandoned our dream of writing an instant messenger client in Lino. We rather hope that sooner or later some free IM client will emerge, and that Lino would rather integrate with it than replace it.

Difference between a comment and a blog entry: In a blog entry I have –ideally– been thinking about how to explain a series of interconnected thoughts. The formulation of each though may vary as long as the whole blog entry isn’t published. A comment should rather be atomic, I publish one thought at a time. In a comment I say something while in a blog entry I write something.

Where should we write documentation about the React front end? In the book, or in the react repository?