Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sharif and Luc are glad to announce that a new Lino is born: Lino Shop, an application for managing Webshops. Source code is hosted on GitLab:

The docs will be at

It is of course a newcomer on a crowded battlefield.

New plugin Optimizations in lino_xl.lib.products. New database model lino_xl.lib.ledger.PaymentMethod.

In lino_xl.lib.products I renamed ProductCat to Category (and its FK on Product from cat to category)

We now have a promising answer to the question “How to define many categories and product types”. The lino_shop.lib.products plugin extends lino_xl.lib.products and adds two new database models Thing and Book, which are MTI children of “simple” products. These are of course just some examples. TODO: show ways of customizing filter parameters.

The next big piece I want to see is a meaningful content in the dashboard of a “normal” (or anonymous) user. The site admin must have a possibility to configure something like “dashboard cards”, which would extend the default dashboard items.

Something like this:

class DashboardCard:

  title = CharField (free text)
  picture = ImageField ()
  target = GenericForeignKey to a Publishable object (usually some category)
  parameters = (optional filter parameters, e.g. "top ten")
  layout options (e.g. width of the card)
  card_type : choicelist (Link, Carousel, )