Sunday, April 25, 2021

The docs about Lino Tera were still missing after the fire at OVH. Now I restored them, but they are multilingual (en, de), and I did not want to have the German docs under their own domain name. Now they are using the same method as for, where the German doctree is just a subdirectory of the English one.

Testing whether intersphinx_urls work: Lino Tera and Lino Tera Benutzerhandbuch.

Tera wasn’t the only project with URL problems. Several other projects were not yet being served on LF. For some other projects, e.g. presto, I decided to not serve the presto docs (because I didn’t want to add yet another subdomain on LF for a project that doesn’t yet have impressive docs) on LF and to do it as with shop and mentori: have them hosted only on GitLab pages. Same for react. That’s why I also moved these repositories from GitHub to GitLab. And two others as well. Contributors must update the remotes of their clones, as explained in Moving from GitHub to GitLab.

presto is the first project with multilingual docs that is rendered only on GitLab pages.