Monday, April 26, 2021

I did more changes in the “documentation network”. My concrete goal for today is that the docs about the applications we declare “ready to use” and for which we offer hosting service would become “good enough”. Where “good enough” means that a potential customer who found our page Lino for all page would get a reasonable answer to their obvious question “What can these applications do? Where are the functional specifications?”.

A part of this project was the question whether we should move the specs of the privileged apps from the book to their individual docs. Answer (after several hours of research) is “no”. A step forwards today was that we no longer need to define the public_url of each doctree at two different places. It is now given by the intersphinx_urls setting.

I moved the support for selectable_languages from lino to atelier, including the and the templates files.

Another “result” is that I now know: Sphinx does not have a built-in way to share include files across multiple doctrees. For bigger systems these things would be regulated using a content delivery network. As a little step forward, I now wrote a file, which does for noi what I did manually until now.

A third result of today is the Redirected historic URLs page, which should make sure that historic URLs are correctly redirected.