Friday, April 30, 2021

I found yet another missing piece: we must differentiate between the Community Guide (cg) and the User Guide (ug). I now created the latter. It is hosted on and the source code is on

The Plugin reference for end users section has already four chapters! And I didn’t write these now, I copied them from Reference and then removed on both sides the partns that were at the wrong place. I have the impression that everything is much more readable now. My first steps seem to confirm this move.

The cg and the Lino User Guide are similar in that they both are docs-only repositories (they don’t define any Python package) and are translated. They differ because of the target audience: cg is for people who do not yet use Lino (future site operators, hosting providers or application developers) while the Lino User Guide is for end users needing help.

Where to put the parameter panel

In ExtJS the parameter panel is an “inline” panel that is “docked” into the window together with the main element. The end user can then expand or collapse it. In React it was a popup window. That was also nice.

We added a new Actor attribute lino.core.actors.Actor.params_panel_pos.