Saturday, May 1, 2021

More optimizations in the documentation framework

#4139 (Remove need to define srcref_url) – The srcref_url setting is no longer needed. The rstgen.srcref() function (the only function that was readit it) now looks whether SETUP_INFO['url'] exists and assumes that it contains the URL of the source code repository.

rstgen.srcref() is used e.g. in rstgen.sphinxconf.base to add a link to the source code in the autodoc API docs. Or by the srcref role (which is implemented using sphinx.ext.extlinks). Or by the py memo command.

Fixed a bug: get_lang_selector() didn’t work when use_dirhtml was False.

The file can now contain another dict ATELIER_INFO to contain the project configuration settings. Experimental. Used in Lino Così.