Wednesday, May 5, 2021

I worked several hours in the cg. I am still not satisfied but it’s getting better.

The term Lino developer is too general. It’s better to say application developer, contributing developer or core developer.

Note that core developer doesn’t mean somebody who cares only about the Lino core.

I replaced all occurrences of “site manager” by site manager.

For the first time in my life I did a mass commit:

$ pp -d git ci -am "replace github by gitlab in requirements.txt"
Successfully terminated `git ci -am replace github by gitlab in requirements.txt` for all projects

(This was after

The doctest docs/dev/redirect.rst in Developer Guide is currently failing because Hannes is working on the redirect (#4133). This test as such is a good thing, but it is at the wrong place. It should not be part of the book project. The book shouldn’t break just because one of our URLs is broken. It is a form of monitoring and should run more often, and it should notify a list of responsible administrators. Is this a job for Ansible?