Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sharif and I have done two sessions for Lino Shop. It is advancing. We started with -probably- the last fundamental question: how to render products for normal customers. We tried using lino.modlib.publisher but this is not what we need for webshop.

It’s even possible that we will deprecate lino.modlib.publisher altogether. Even in lino_book.projects.cms it yields poor results. Partly because lino_book.projects.cms is just a submarine project and because it is quite crazy to believe that a CMS in Lino has a chance on the market. But the CMS project inn’t dead, it’s just sleeping. Maybe one day it will wake up with lino_xl.lib.albums instead of lino.modlib.publisher… It was broken for some trivial reason, and this wasn’t covered by the test suite. I added it to the file.