Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I optimized the docs about copyright on Legal considerations for contributors and ss.free.

We can be really thankful for Sharif. Thanks to him the React front end is again “in good hands” (as Tonis expressed it). During the last weeks Sharif has gained deep knowledge of the Lino internals, together we have very efficient extreme programming sessions, he also actively contributes issue reports to the PrimeReact community. For his reporting of issue 2008 he earned thanks from Mert Sincan who wrote “Good catch! Thanks a lot for your report!”. And last but not least, the Lino Shop project is advancing.

I start to imagine that we will soon get yet another doctree. The Developer Guide should rather be published under a subdomain like dev.lino-framework.org and the main front page at www.lino-framework.org should rather be an independant doctree that serves as entry point into the other doctrees. It would basically say what currently is said on lino.doctrees.