Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Some revolutions in the docs: the Developer Guide (docs of the book repository) is now published under a new subdomain, and I moved the chapters about Lino from the Community Guide (cg) to a new repository “lf”, which is now served at Th cg doctree no longer explains what Lino is (this is now done in lf), it focuses on how to interact with the Lino community. There are probably still some links that I forgot to update. Let’s hope that this is yet another step towards better documentation.

At the moment all these main doctrees (lf, cg, ug, hg and book) happily do circular references to each other. My first strategy was to have a strict hierarchy (lf <– cg <– ug <– hg <– book), but I am not sure whether this is possible. And until now it doesn’t disturb very much. It can happen that you get warnings about missing references when you do changes in several doctrees at once. Or I guess that I would have a problem when I have no internet connection and then say pp inv clean -b followed by pp inv bd.

Sharif did good work for #4149. This was his first “chirurgical intervention” in the heart of Lino. Of course it caused quite some detail devils and side effects. We had some fun (re)discovering cool things. And finally, the new feature is there, and it was needed: the new Actor.hide_editing() method makes it possible to say that ProductsStaff can edit products while a normal ProductsUser can’t.

We also had some dialogue about how to organize the documentation. One conclusion maybe: we can’t remove all the docstrings in a core module like lino.core.actors. But the docstrings should be rather short and refer to a topics page.

We used this to write documentation about the new Actor.hide_editing() method. Also Actor.hide_navigator and Actor.editable.

Note that lino.core.actions.Action.hide_editing() is an instance method.

Today was chaotic: Many changes in different places. Once more I used inv ci, and the commit messages just refer to this blog page.