Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sharif and I had another video brainstorming meeting.


  • Accept all kinds of media files, not only images.

  • Selecting a Media file in Uploads.insert should show thumbnails of the images- Define a custom chooser for FileUsage.file (the FK field pointing to existing File). Maybe add a new method Model.get_text_for_value()

    Model.choice_layout = “””name thumbnail”””

  • A method FileUsage.get_file_display() would not be optimal. This feature is not tested and not used anywhere so far. But it is standard Django behaviour.

  • Define a __str__() method for FileUsage (which is used in different places, e.g. when setting display_mode of UsagesByController to summary.

  • The buttons to toggle between display modes should have a tooltip.

  • Tooltips (and other texts in the react js code) should be translatable.

  • The file__thumbnail in FileUsage.detail_layout doesn’t seem to work. Why?

  • Reactivate : the basic feature is that Lino would ask the client’s browser permission for notifications. And then the user would get notified as a desktop notification. notify with use_websockets is not used anywhere, and would require a revision Note that the current use_websockets was written before Django 3. See

  • In Lino Shop unverified users should not have permission to place an order. But they can collect products into their basket.

  • When lino.modlib.users.use_verify is True and the user is not verified, then Lino should give a welcome message “You are not yet verified. Check your inbox. Or click here to re-sent a verification code.”

  • Add phone verification. Testing this requires a SMS sending service.


  • Added a new plugin option notify.mark_seen_when_sent When this is True, Lino now marks notification messages as seen when they have been sent via email.

  • The default implementation of Actor.get_table_summary() now also uses Request.plain_toolbar_buttons(). The difference is that if an actor has some custom action that has show_in_plain = True, this action would also be rendered now below a summary. The currently only use case of this is the “Mark all as seen” action of lino.modlib.notify.Message

  • About method Model.as_list_item() : this approach has the disadvantage that HTML is being rendered on the server, not on the client. More data flow, and more server resources.

  • Use cases for list_layout: products

  • We added a detail layout to lino_xl.lib.albums.FileUsages.

  • We changed the on jane:

    def get_plugin_configs(self):
        yield super(Site, self).get_plugin_configs()
        # example of local plugin settings:
        yield ('users', 'use_verify', True)
        yield ('notify', 'keep_unseen', False)
        yield ('notify', 'remove_after', 24*7)

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