Friday, May 21, 2021

After several weeks of heavily reviewing the Lino documentation in general, I am trying to calm down. The job is not finished, but I am tired of writing about Lino. I prefer to write free software than to write about it. But before focussing back to the real things, I want to get the CI pipelines on GitLab green again.

The documentation about Lino is currently stored in at least five repositories, and their URLs are automatically added as intersphinx targets to every doctree that uses lino.sphinxcontrib.configure():

im['lf'] = ('', None)
im['cg'] = ('', None)
im['ug'] = ('', None)
im['hg'] = ('', None)
im['book'] = ('', None)

These URLs are duplicated in another file, docs/shared/include/part_of_lino.rst, which adds my blog.

The Rumma & Ko company website is not part of the Lino docs because our long-term vision is to create a About our name who governs Lino while Rumma & Ko Ltd would just be one development provider among many others.

I added a substitution definition for the external link button, which the React front end uses for the action that “liberates a slave”, i.e. opens a slave panel in its own data window.

Oops, the pi-button class used by the external link button (and all other icons from PrimeIcons) was in the linodocs.css file, which I removed some days ago. I resurrected it in a new atelier.css, which comes automatically with atelier.

voga1r demo : cannot enroll existing client in existing activity

Main problem is that it doesn’t work in the online demo. Not reproducible in current roger demo.

Another problem is usability: users must guess that they need to go to the Activities tab and then click the [external-link] button of the “Enrolments in Activities of Hans Altenberg (MEL) (Also Cancelled)” panel where they have an “Insert” button. The fix to this problem is probably straightforward: just say “summary” or “html” instead of “grid” for the courses.EnrolmentsByPupil slave table.

display_mode “html” is good, “summary” isn’t what they want. But the html display mode is not beautiful in React. I will create another ticket for that.

Another thing to do : Voga needs a user type “Participant”, and a participant should see the courses to which they are enrolled, should be able to apply for enrolment in a course, stop an enrolment, manage their presences, …

About pronto, mercato and ciao

I moved pronto from GitHub to GitLab. One of the last repos that needed to move (Moving from GitHub to GitLab). The pronto project is sleeping doesn’t contain much work, but it might wake up one day, and it is part of the known contributor repositories installed by getlino. But the mercato and ciao projects didn’t contain any significant work and I started to remove them: getlino actually never knew them. I deleted them on GitHub.