Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lino at the HackerX event

Tonight I will attend HackerX, “the world’s largest invite-only networking & recruiting event for developers”. It is an online event where developers can enter for free because they are actually what is being sold to the customers. The customers are companies in search of new human resources. I probably don’t fit into their standard product pattern but they did let me in. Nice.

Here is my self-presentation:

Developer skills: Linux, Python, Django, Sphinx, Git, React. Long-term experience in accounting, team management, sales agreements, website authoring.

I am not only a Senior Developer, I am also CEO and one of the two owners of Rumma & Ko Ltd. I started employing other developers in 2015 (see my team page).

I am the author and maintainer of the Lino framework. I have been working on this vision my whole life. I am not going to stop working on it.

I attend to HackerX in the hope of finding my future boss and employer, an existing legal person who would take over our company and bring Lino to the next level.

So I am a job seeker with special conditions: you need to convince me that you believe in the Lino vision and will continue collaborating with our existing customers and employees.

(Edit: I later used above thoughts for my Hire me page.)

I explained “What is Lino?” in 5 minutes to about 15 humans. It was a good exercise and a vitalizing evening. As expected I didn’t find any partner, which just confirms that private corporations are no candidate for Lino.

Tweaking the docs about Lino

I am having the minor issue that inv bd writes all the pages each time again and again, even when I changed only one word in one page of my blog.

The rstgen.sphinxconf.configure() now adds the ‘sphinx.ext.autodoc’ and ‘sphinx.ext.autosummary’ extensions only when the project’s SETUP_INFO contains a ‘name’ key. It’s a good thing to avoid loading autodoc when it is not needed, but this didn’t fix my problem.

One visitor recommended to use plain black as font color. I fully disabled the linodocs.css file added by lino.sphinxcontrib.logo. If it turns out that we still want some of the features in this file, we should anyway reimplement them in a more flexible way. At the moment we have a copy of linodocs.css in every doctree.

Simulate a HTTPS server on your development machine

Sharif is testing desktop notifications. We installed a simulated production server on his machine, and I wrote a Howto page for this in the Contributor Guide: Simulate a HTTPS server on your development machine.