Sunday, July 4, 2021

Today I upgraded my Lino Amici production site and then played around in order to manually test the new version on real data.

I stumbled into an irritating behaviour of I have a long-running weekly activity that started years ago. Until now I didn’t use my Lino Amici very much, most events are in state suggested only some of the events are actually confirmed (i.e. state is took_place). The weekday of the event recently changed from Tuesday to Monday. Now I’d like to start confirming these events more seriously. I’d like Lino to forget all the old suggestions and to keep only the confirmed old events. And to generate a new series. I change start_date to 2021-06-28, change the weekday from Tue to Mon, then hit the flash button. Events are now on Monday, yes, but they start already in December 2020. I said start_date 2021-06-28. Continued Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

And then a behaviour that is not only disturbing but destructive: I had manually entered the guests of an event (the activity of which had no enrolments). Editing the guests was possible only by setting the event state to took_place. That’s okay as a limitation. I then saw that these manually entered guests had the state “invited”. I switched the state back to draft, believing that switching back to took_place will set them to present (because force_guests is True) But poof! Setting the event to draft deleted all my presences. Without warning. We must forgive Lino because there are situations where we actually want it to delete suggested guests. But this was not such a situation. To be continued.