Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I fixed the first issue observed Sunday, July 4, 2021. Explanation: when the date of a suggested event gets modified by the user, Lino aligns all following events accordingly. Change: From now on Lino also verifies that such a date change remains within its limits. You cannot go back in time. When lesson 1 was on a given date, you cannot make lesson 2 happen before lesson 1. I changed the algorithm and internal API for analyzing the existing events.

I found and fixed another bug: create an activity without enrolments, let it generate some events, pick one of the events, manually add a guest, mark the event as took_place. Then try to delete the activity. Lino simply did this. Now it says “Cannot delete X because it has user-modified calendar entries.”

Internal change: I renamed update_cal_rset() to get_recurrence_set().

I extended the documentation about Automatic calendar entries.

I added more test cases in lino_book/projects/roger/tests/test_faggio.py