Thursday, January 20, 2022

Migrating a Jekyll site from GitHub to GitLab

I worked on #4345 the project (which I am migrating from )

After having added my .gitlab-ci.yml file, the content gets rendered correctly at but the news page is still empty.

Edmund helped me to discover the planet.yml file. But for some reason, this file was obviously being used on GitHub somehow “automatically”. I need to add something to my .gitlab-ci.yml file.

While searching for an answer, I stumbled into

How to setup the link that our readers can use to subscribe to our (aggregated) news feed: simple and more sophisticated.

The instructions on look interesting, but it seems that Lauri had found a simpler solution.

The instructions on look even closer. But still they don’t seem to be the final solution.

Or here:

I no longer believe that GitHub has this as a magic default feature. Next step is to look with Edmund in the settings of the GitHub project. Maybe there are some customization in the GitHub settings that are not stored as files in the repo.