Tuesday, February 8, 2022

I think I will reactivate #1516 in favour of #4427.

  • #3004 Replace “Reference tickets” by “Starred tickets”?

  • #4427 A “nicknames” plugin

  • #1516 Add a “parent” field to ticket

  • #2384 Kanban for Jane

#4427 has at least two disadvantages: Adds complexity. Can be replaced by a list of recently active tickets. Requires every user to maintain their nicknames.

#1516 says “I seem to remember that I had this in the ticketing system in TIM, and that I deliberately decided to drop this, because it caused problems for reporting. Until now tickets are designed to be “atomic” units for project management.” but I doubt whether problems for reporting still holds. Yes, reporting becomes more complex because the client will want to see a summary of all their top-level tickets, together with the sum of invested time (including time on child tickets), but that’s not a problem in an SQL database.

One advantage of #1516 would be that top-level tickets would be the “goals” of a Kanban board and that we can easily convert any ticket into a top-level ticket (or the opposite: convert a top-level ticket to a child of another ticket)