Sunday, May 22, 2022

About site features

  • we leave the translatable text in the code. Because that makes sense. A one-sentence short desciption.

  • we add a convention: when you develop a feature, then you are responsible for also providing a ref name to that feature in the users guide.

  • Example: the third_party_authentication feature is bla blabla

The site features are needed in the About window only so that an end user, when reporting some problem, can can easily report which features they have activated on their site

A list of all available features is needed for a site operator who wants to check which features they want and which the don’t want. This list can be either in the local help pages or in the application’s user guide (or both). Anyway these are static Sphinx docs. The one-line descriptions of each feature are needed when generating such an overview page.

TODO (Sharif):

  • The About window should just show a one-paragraph list of the enabled site features. Only the internal names, not even clickable.

TODO (Luc):

  • The makedocs command can generate what is currently being shown in the about window. Maybe as a list instead of a table.

Examples: notify.remove_after is a plugin setting.