Presenting Lino to my future boss

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tonight I plan to attend once more to HackerX, an event where developers can enter for free because they are actually what is being sold to the customers. The customers are companies in search of new human resources. I probably don’t fit into their standard product pattern but they did let me in. Nice.

Here is my self-presentation:

Developer skills: Linux, Python, Django, Sphinx, Git, React. Long-term experience in accounting, team management, sales agreements, website authoring.

I am patiently looking forward to meeting my future boss and employer.

With me you get a functioning community of 3 workers and 20 customers. I am the author and maintainer of the Lino framework. I am CEO and co-owner of Rumma & Ko Ltd. I am employing other developers since 2015 (see my team page). I have been working on this vision my whole life. I am not going to stop working on it.

But Rumma & Ko is willing to subdue all this to someone who does what I am less good at: bringing this community to the next level. Of course our customers and employees will have their voice in any agreement.