Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Morning session

The inv prep command now accepts a new option --after.

En passant I worked in the documentation for atelier. For example, I can now write sentences like “The per_project command has an option --list” and it links to the right place.

Don’t mix up the directives .. command:: and .. program::, and the roles :cmd: , :command: and :option:.

About display_mode on mobile views

We currently have display_mode_slave and display_mode_main. I think about replacing them by a single attribute display_mode, which would be a tuple, with the following default value:

display_mode = (
  (70, constants.DISPLAY_MODE_TABLE),
  (None, constants.DISPLAY_MODE_LIST)

Where “70” would be the available width on screen, in “logical characters”.

The display mode would no longer depend on whether it is a slave or a main widget, but on the available width.

The whole display_mode tuple must be given to the client (in the .js file), and the client must loop over this tuple and pick the first item that fits into the available width.

The question is can we know the available width when we need it? In ExtJS we could say that it is always 80, meaning that the dynamic display mode doesn’t work in ExtJS.