Write a Lino for real estate agents (brokers)

Friday, September 2, 2022

I had a meeting with a friend who works as a professional broker. In Estonia there are ca 3 major platforms for real estate offers, but none of them is free. A Lino application would make sense, but only at international level and only long-term. No immediate investors at the horizon.

I created #4637 and started to think about it.

Trading real estate objects is not the same as managing them. So this Lino would be for brokers (kinnisvaramaakler), not for homeowner associations (korteriühistu). OTOH there will be common vocabulary with a application for homeowner associations, and there might be another Lino for homeowner associations as well. So the name “Lino Immo” would be biased.

It would define a series of new product types, each of them would inherit from lino_xl.lib.products.Product and from lino_xl.lib.countries.AddressLocation. Journals would be rental offers, sales offers, rental contracts, sales contracts, and maybe more.