Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Uff, I finally published a full week of my work!

Insert images into arbitrary places using memo commands

Moved the Mention model from comments to memo.

The lino.modlib.memo plugin now creates a special BaseRequest instance that is used when parsing memo commands.

It is special in that its user is an instance of AnonymousUser with user_type admin

with admin rights. This is because we want to store the result of memo commands in the preview fields of lino.modlib.memo.Previewable. When a non-admin user saves a blog entry that contains references to other database objects, then the author maybe has no permission to see the detail of these objects, but other users have.

The new model mixin lino.modlib.memo.MemoReferrable eliminates quite some boilerplate code.

In rstgen.sphinxconf.sigal_image.line2html() I renamed the format “couple” to “duo”. And I fixed a bug that caused duo and trio to be floating (wrapped by their surrounding text).

Data migration

in your uncomment the line that loads The lino.modlib.memo.Mention objects will be populated by pm checkdata -f.

En passant

I removed the Site.max_file_size setting because it was useless: Lino would never get it because the server would make a disk overflow.

Documentation about Synodalsoft

I also have been working in the documentation during the last days. I started the website for https:://

The synodal package is far from being perfectly, but it is already useful. Soon we can remove the dependency of rstgen towards atelier.

More changes

Later I also removed Modified from Mention because it is not needed.