Watching out for a third developer

Sunday, April 23, 2023

It seems that I am realizing something important: Lino doesn’t currently need a better leader than me (“a man to bring it to a next level”), it “only” needs a third developer, a colleague for Sharif.

Lino has actually multiple potential customers here in Belgium, we just don’t have any convincing final product to show them. We have no convincing final product because the last 20% of the work are the most time-consuming and because until now I prefer to do them together with the customer. During the last months I have spoken to many “almost-customers” and I feel able to imagine their needs.

In other words, I am changing my “strategy”. It’s actually not a strategy, not even a “plan”, I prefer to call it my “prayers”. One of the advantages of being a small team is to not requiring “clear” plans and strategies.

The new master plan includes finding a way to raise funds for a year of salary for a second developer like Sharif.

The entrance test for candidates is easy: just read and contact me when you reached the end of the “Getting started” section. Most people never reach the first checkpoint because they loose interest or have other skills and talents.