Tuesday, April 25, 2023

I published my changes for #4940.

Lino CMS (the cms1 demo) no longer has the calendar plugin. Websites with a public calendar do not require CMS functionality, but they do require the courses plugin. Lino Voga now demonstrates this use case. The roger demo is not yet convincing but we are advancing towards this goal.

Side effects in lino_xl.lib.cal: Event had a method get_default_table(), which unconditionally returned OneEvent. This was in contradiction with the fact that OneEvent had use_as_default_table set to False. I removed the method.

These changes had extensive side effects in lino.modlib.publisher. For example, the Publishable mixin has a new method is_public(), which returns False by default. For a blog entry it would return True or False depending on the state. Most fundamental change in publisher is the renderer, which now forwards things to the site’s editing_frontend… For more details you must consult the source code :-/

List of commits: