Curriculum vitae


I am author and maintainer of Lino and its predecessor TIM, two frameworks for developing customized database applications. Our customers are mostly located in Belgium. All my work is released as free software, I am a fervent defender of the free open-source software philosophy.

Other projects:

Work experience




09/1990 - 01/1992

Siemens Software Center Liège

Programmer / Source code maintenance. BS/2000 & UNIX

03/1992 - 08/2001

PAC Systems PGmbH (now AbAKUS)

Software Developer / Analysis, Programming, Customer Projects, User Training, Research

since 11/2001

Rumma & Ko OÜ, Tallinn / Vigala

Independant Software Developer and Project Manager. Software maintenance. Research, Analysis, Programming, Customer support.

Scholar education




1974 - 1986

Collège Patronné (Eupen, BE)

Basic School

1986 - 1988

University Notre-Dame de la Paix (Namur, BE)



Institut Supérieur St-Laurent (Liège, BE)


Language skills

  • German : native language

  • French : native language

  • English : quite well

  • Estonian : saan hakkama küll

  • Dutch : able to speak and understand

Computer skills

  • Programming languages: Python, Javascript, Java, bash.

  • I have also worked in PHP, C++, Clipper, VisualBasic.

  • Application software: LibreOffice, Thunderbird, GIMP

  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Debian

  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL, dBase, Clipper, …

  • Open Source development tools: Git, Mercurial, SVN, Trac

  • Open standards: SQL, HTML, XML, …

  • Text processing: REstructuredText, Sphinx, LaTeX, Lilypond, …

Personal preferences

  • I prefer using Free Software whenever possible and encourage people around me to do the same.

  • I prefer getting complete understanding of problems over finding quick solutions.

  • I prefer using my creativity over copying solutions of other people.

  • I am more fascinated by humans than by computers: how they learn, how they organize themselves. I enjoy communicating with end-users in order to optimize their work methods.

  • I prefer doing the first 20% of a job that return 80% of the final result.

  • I haven’t watched television other than occasionally since about 1990.


  • I enjoy singing alone and with others. I have a more than average musical education but did never consider becoming a professional.

  • In my spare time I happen to write on personal websites like Human World or Eesti Taizé Sõbrad.

  • I sporadically work for Wikipedia, mostly in Estonian because I live in Estonia, sometimes in German because that’s my mother language.

  • I was a motivated Scout leader between September 1986 and July 1994. After these 8 years I continued during several years to organize trainings for young scout leaders. The FSC honored my work by assigning me the Wood Badge award.

  • Before getting married I lived 3 years in a volunteer project community of the Ephata youth center in Eupen, followed by 3 years in a private community with my sister and her husband.