Curriculum vitae


I am author and maintainer of Lino and its predecessor TIM, two frameworks for developing customized database applications. They are mostly used in Belgium.

Other projects:

Work experience




09/1990 - 01/1992

Siemens Software Center Liège

Programmer / Source code maintenance. BS/2000 & UNIX

03/1992 - 08/2001

PAC Systems PGmbH (now AbAKUS)

Software Developer / Analysis, Programming, Customer Projects, User Training, Research

since 11/2001

Rumma & Ko OÜ, Tallinn / Vigala

Independant Software Developer and Project Manager. Software maintenance. Research, Analysis, Programming, Customer support.

Scholar education




1974 - 1986

Collège Patronné (Eupen, BE)

Basic School

1986 - 1988

University Notre-Dame de la Paix (Namur, BE)



Institut Supérieur St-Laurent (Liège, BE)


Language skills

  • German : native language

  • French : native language

  • English : quite well

  • Estonian : saan hakkama küll

  • Dutch : able to speak and understand

Computer skills

  • Programming languages: Python, Javascript, Java, bash.

  • I have also worked in PHP, C++, Clipper, VisualBasic.

  • Application software: LibreOffice, Thunderbird, GIMP

  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Debian

  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL, dBase, Clipper, …

  • Open Source development tools: Git, Mercurial, SVN, Trac

  • Open standards: SQL, HTML, XML, …

  • Text processing: REstructuredText, Sphinx, LaTeX, Lilypond, …

Personal preferences

  • I prefer using Free Software whenever possible and encourage people around me to do the same.

  • I prefer getting complete understanding of problems over finding quick solutions.

  • I prefer using my creativity over copying solutions of other people.

  • I am more fascinated by humans than by computers: how they learn, how they organize themselves. I enjoy communicating with end-users in order to optimize their work methods.

  • I prefer doing the first 20% of a job which return 80% of the final result.

  • I haven’t watched television other than occasionally since about 1990.


  • I enjoy singing alone and with others. I have a more than average musical education but did never consider becoming a professional.

  • I sporadically work for Wikipedia, mostly in Estonian because I live there, sometimes in German because that’s my mother language.

  • I was a motivated Scout leader between September 1986 and July 1994. After these 8 years I continued during several years to organize trainings for young scout leaders. The FSC honored my work by assigning me the Wood Badge award.

Personal views

  • I grew up in a catholic family, and after moving to Vigala engaged in the local lutheran church community. My faith has been influenced by the spirituality of the Taizé community. I classify myself as a convinced reasonable Christian.

  • I am not actively engaged in any political party. The website classified me as Economically rather Left and Socially moderatedly Libertarian. I believe that finding ways for global sustainable development is more important than keeping the consumer society running. If given the choice between an economic crisis and a climate catastrophe, I’d chose the former. We need new sociological methods in order to become rule this world.