Hire me

I am patiently looking for my future boss and employer. Yes, I am a job seeker. A job seeker with special conditions.

I am the author and maintainer of the Lino framework. I have been working on this vision my whole life. My future employer needs to convince me that they will continue collaborating with our existing customers and employees. They will have to take over Rumma & Ko Ltd and bring the Lino framework to the next level.

It is possible that there is something better than Lino and that Lino can be replaced by some other product. I am open to consider this. And I would eventually repent and, together, we would migrate existing Lino users to your product. But note that I will not collaborate in any proprietary software product. I will rather grow potatoes than write non-free software.

I guess that my future employer is unlikely to be a private corporation. It will rather be a non-profit organization, a foundation, a cooperative or a public service. That’s because the Lino framework is published under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL), the most protective Free Software license there is. You cannot write proprietary software using Lino. (See Introducing Free Software).

Here is my self-presentation:

  • Developer skills: Linux, Python, Django, Sphinx, Git, React.

  • Besides being a full-heart software developer I have long-term experience in accounting, team management, mentoring, sales agreements, website authoring. After all I am also CEO and one of the two owners of Rumma & Ko Ltd. I started employing other developers in 2015 (see our team page).

  • See also About me.