Thursday, February 5, 2015

Before going into production, I renamed lino_welfare.modlib.trainings to lino_welfare.modlib.immersion, and within this module the Training model to Contract.

Lino now verifies whether all “plugin modifiers” returned by are valid, and otherwise raises an exception Invalid app_label 'X in your get_apps_modifiers!


  • Gerd reported ticket #92. Yes, the following was bullshit:

    Acting as another user won’t give you the access permissions of that user. A secretary who has authority to act as her boss in order to manage his calendar should not also see e.g. statistic reports to which she has no access. For system admins it is different: when a system admin acts as another user, he inherits this user’s access permissions. System admins use this feature to test the permissions of other users.

    The truth is: independently of whether you are admin or not, acting as another user means that you get that other user’s menu.

  • show is now a bit more user friendly: uses None instead of “root” as default username, and gives a meaningfule message when the specified username does not exist.

  • lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.ClientsTest caused a traceback. Fixed. And this table is now covered by The lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw plugin. And en passant I solved ticket #71.

  • New method lino.modlib.uploads.choicelists.Shortcut.get_queryset().

  • lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.Client.primary_coach is now a displayfield (was a property)