Monday, September 17, 2018

This week-end I realized that I cannot add a new calendar entry state “missed” for all applications and change the symbol for “cancelled” from “☒” to “⚕” because the Lino Welfare and Lino Avanti users will complain. But Lino Tera needs this. It wasn’t trivial to change it only for tera. When defining workflows, we need to differentiate between the choicelists (used to define the states) and the transitions (used to define actions from one state to another state). Until now we often define the choicelists together with their transition because this is easier to maintain. But this use case is an example for why it is better to separate them.

That’s the reason why in the beginning we had two site attributes workflows_module and The difference was just the time of loading during kernel startup.

A workaround for the moment was to redefine the button_text in the user_types_module.

I am not yet sure how to make this more elegantly. Probably bring back the and have it simply be imported just before the workflows_module.

I noticed that the documentation about workflows was very bad and obsolete. I reviewed Introduction to Workflows and converted the /docs/tutorials/workflows_tutorial to lino_book.projects.workflows.

Ticket #2492 is not finished, but I adapted the test suites and pushed my work because before continuing on this ticket I must now work for #2531.