Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Alterntive for TeamViewer?

TeamViewer has two problems: it doesn’t always work correctly when I want to work on a customer’s Windows PC from my Ubuntu PC, and it costs me more than 400€/year. And of course it is proprietary.

On Beebom I read Teamviewer Alternatives: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software.

There is Chrome Desktop which looks temptating because it is free and seems easy to install. Of course the “free” is as in “free beer”, not as in “free speech”. I tried it with Johanna today. But didn’t get it to work. It said that I must open chrome://plugins and activate “Native client”. Maybe it requires Chrome, not Chromium?

Tests with eidreader

I had a hangout with Johanna for getting her eidreader to run on a Windows machine.

We used the demo database at http://welfare-demo.lino-framework.org/ as explained in the installation instructions.

We verified that her machine sent the data to the server. So maybe just the demo server needs an update? We stopped our tests and I started an upgrade on lino-framework.org.

Working on Lino Tera

I continued to work on #2492. Basically for this user request:

  • Anwesenheiten der Teilnehmer werden nur in therapeutischen Gruppen erfasst, bei Einzeltherapien und Lebensgruppen gelten immer alle als anwesend (werden ansonsten gelöscht). Wenn so ein Termin auf “Stattgefunden” gesetzt wird, werden alle Gäste ungefragt von “Eingeladen” nach “Anwesend” gesetzt. Wenn Termin auf Verpasst gesetzt wird, werden alle auf Unentschuldigt gesetzt. Also wir brauchen ein Mapping EntryStates nach GuestStates.

We have a new attribute lino_xl.lib.cal.EntryState.guest_state and a new method Event.force_guest_states.

Also I renamed CourseArea.manage_presences to CourseArea.force_guest_states because that’s a better name for what it means.

The default suggest_guests() of a calendar entry used to simply ask the owner. Now it also calls the project. Because in Lino Tera they might have manual calendar entries on a therapy. In this case only project and not owner points to the therapy.

Lino Tera has now its own cal plugin lino_tera.lib.cal