Monday, September 24, 2018

Invoicing in Lino Tera

Uff, I finally pushed my work of the last days on #2492.

I added a new checkbox force_guest_states for calendar entry types and a new attribute guest_state for calendar entry states. This feature makes sense only if the application developer has also set for at least one entry state. In Lino Tera they will use this for individual and family therapies where they don’t want to manage presences of every participant. When an appointment is set to “Took place”, Lino sets all guests to “present”.

The next big missing piece (maybe the last) was invoicing. The basic invoiceable things in Lino Tera are the calendar entries. Every meeting with a therapist is basically invoiceable. The challenge then is that for individual and family meetings the appointments (Event) are invoiceable while for group therapies every individual presence (Guest) is invoiceable. So we now have a new plugin which extends these models.

Slave table with more than 15 rows

I did a first suggestion for #2548 (Cannot add row when tables has more than preview_limit rows). All subclasses of notes.NotesByX now have this summary view.