Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I got feedback for the 4 tickets of last Friday. I first had a look into #2549 which looked most dangerous. Actually it was harmless: just a permission problem. Social workers werde not able to see ISIP contracts. This unwanted change was probably caused by a redesign in the the welfare user roles hierarchy which was still obsolete: it had too many levels. Welfare started in the beginning of Lino where the permission system was still quite young. Meanwhile I learned that user roles should be atomic, and their grouping should be done in the user_types module. I had started to convert to the flat hierarchy when chatelet asked things but I didn’t do a full review because it is so complex and so “dangerous”: end-users tend to get angry when you remove permissions that had been granted earlier.

Now I did a full review and removed all intermediate user roles from Lino Welfare. I restructured the docs (The Lino Welfare Standard User Types) before asking the users to test again.

At some point I had a TypeError Cannot create a consistent method resolution order (MRO) and was stuck. I had to write a new utility function lino.core.proles.checkmro to find the duplicate parent.

The test suite is still failing with at least one case where I don’t yet understand why it now fails. Nevertheless I will push my changes because we want to test using eidreader from behind a proxy. There are chances that this restructuration introduced new regressions of type “I had this permission before” or the opposite “I can see this now though I shouldn’t have permission”.

Using eidreader from behind a proxy

I changed the configuration for lino_xl.lib.beid: instead of setting to 'beid' you now set lino_xl.lib.beid.Plugin.urlhandler_prefix