Friday, November 2, 2018

I did some last optimizations in lino_xl.lib.working.

The problem occured when a site was being reported whose description was not empty. The description of some internal sites are not only not empty, their description also contain memo commands.

Lino Tera continued

To fix #2610, I added a new user role lino_xl.lib.topics.roles.TopicsUser.

I converted the docs for lino_xl.lib.topics to prosa. There was no demo data yet about topics in tera. I updated lino_tera.lib.tera.fixtures.demo.

I added a section “The detail view of a therapy” in Therapies in order to verify that #2610 is fixed.

I had a look at several new tickets reported by Gregor:

#2627: The incorrect City is caused by #2628, an old and well-known but not reproducible bug.

The Age field of patients is indeed empty in lydia. I checked The Human mixin. Everything seems okay there. Some debuggin grevealed that the data is correctly passed, and my_loadRecord() in linoweb.js correctly calls setValue() for the field. This is another reproducible bug that Hamza can fix in the extjs3 ui.

How to reproduce: go lyldia, sign in as robin, select Contacts –> Patients, double click on some patient with a birth date, select the “Address” tab panel. The field “Age” is empty.

#2629 is caused by a problem in spzloader2 : PAR->Name2 was not imported.

#2631 (VirtualField has no attribute get_col) GuestsByPartner.when

#2633 Database change in both GuestRole and EventType are now Referrable. The additional ref field won’t disturb in Lino Avanti and :welfare` and Lino Voga. Of course the usage should be optional.

When I ran again, I saw some warnings that deserve investigation:

Ignored PLP {u'idpar2': u'S130272', u'type': u'75', u'seq': u'', u'idpar1': u'S130270'} : Invalid idpar2
Failed to save Enrolment(course_area=<CourseAreas.life_groups:LG>,course=2120131,pupil=2120130,request_date=2012-03-29,state=<EnrolmentStates.confirmed:01>,places=1,guest_role=4) : {'__all__': [u'Enrolment with this Therapy and Person already exists.']}
Cannot import session 107704 because there is no user VM

More ideas for Lino Noi

Tonis reported #2624, and he will work on it and then make the next release to Jane. I updated the release notes in 18.11.1 (released 2018-12-12).

I started #2635. Tonis did the release.

#2636 was a regression which lead to an improvement of the API: the chunks of text returned by get_title_tags() can now be lazy translatable strings. I am a bit unhappy because I didn’t find a way to write a test case that would have covered the problem.