Monday, November 5, 2018

Today Lino got three new repositories on GitHub.

User manuals

I realized that the user manuals (the doctrees tera_de, welfare_de, welfare_fr and noi) should have a repository on their own instead of being part of the book.

The Lino Book should remain English-only docs about Lino in general. I created a new repository manuals for end-user docs.

Note that manuals does contain a test suite. In other words, also Tonis and Hamza must get a clone of the manuals repository and add it to their projects.

What then is the difference between manuals/noi and book/specs/noi?

Rule of thumb: The specs are for application developers, the manual is for end-users.

The doctests in a manual should limit to code that make sense to an end-user, for example:

Oops, one difficulty I didn’t see before splitting is that manuals currently use py2rst and lino2rst directives which require not only the lino_book code but also to run inv prep in the book. How can we tell travis to run this before building the manuals? And then coverage. Because the manuals are no longer part of the book, they will not contribute to coverage. That’s a pity. Hm… #2641.

First step (with Hamza) was to change the syntax of demo_projects: instead of specifying paths (relative to the project’s root_dir) we now specify them as Python modules. And poor Travis must build all the demo projects twice: once for the book and a second time for the manuals.

I released atelier 1.11 because this change is needed for building the projects on Travis CI.

Fixed a Python 3 failure in book

The problem was mostly that lino.modlib.notify.Message.emit_notification() uses a set to remove potential duplicate recipients.

Getting ready for the React user interfaces

Tonis moved openui5 out of Lino into a separate repository. openui5.

And he started a repository react which might become the playground for a new team member in India.

Avanti moving on

I got another series of customer requests for Lino Avanti.