Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Next meeting for Lino Tera

I had a meeting with Harry and Olivier where we evaluated 18.11.0 (2018-11-06) and started 18.11.1 (2018-11-30).

Insert button more visible

When rendering a slave table panel of a table with an insert_layout, Lino automatically adds an insert button. That button was often difficult to discover for non-initiated users, e.g. in the lino_xl.lib.courses.EnrolmentsByCourse panel. because it was in the bottom toolbar of its panel.

They asked me to have it immediately below the data. And they wanted the insert button to also appear in the dashboard. So I had the following idea.

I added a new action attribute Action.show_in_plain. The default value is False, but ShowInsert overrides this and has True.