Saturday, November 24, 2018

I wanted to do #2697 (End-user manual for Lino), but where to put the doctree?

It’s a user manual, so it should be in manuals.

But having all user manuals in one repository is feeling more and more crazy: who is going to maintain this repository? There are not that many people who write Sphinx documentation in English, German and French. OTOH as long as we have no separate Sphinx maintainer it feels overkill to have a repository for every user manual.

So I thought to split our manuals repository into one for each language: dedocs, frdocs `and `endocs.

Why not put them all back to the book?

Before splitting manuals, I saw #2704 : it is stupid that this repository had to define an emprty Python package lino_manuals just because of the intersphinx_urls settings. I released atelier 1.1.12.

A side effect is that the docs in react and openui5 projects are now being built. Because the default value for doc_trees is now again ['docs'] (it has been [] for some time.

I reviewed the Lino Presto project. This project had been “hidden” and unmaintained for some time. Now it should be in a state where Hamza and I should continue together.